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2016 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Important cabinet meetings (non-political!) have been held to determine trends in kitchen cabinet designs for 2016. Cabinetry is aesthetically important since it occupies much of a kitchen’s space, but it’s just as significant for cabinetry to be practical. Keeping form and function in mind, leaders in the cabinet design world announced the following cabinet trends to expect this year:

Keep It Clean

Natural simplicity is in style. Cabinetry streamlined with clean lines is a popular look. A prominent example is the shaker cabinet design. Despite originating in the early 1800s, shaker cabinets work well with either traditional or contemporary kitchens. Anthony Maucieri, president of East Hill Cabinetry, says, “Our most popular style currently is white painted wood shaker cabinetry.”

White blends with all styles and colors

White shaker cabinets blend with any style and color.


Blue accentuates the fresh, clean appeal

Crisp blue accentuates the fresh, clean appeal of this classic kitchen.


Trend of black appliances and white cabinets

Black appliances are on trend in 2016. When paired with white cabinets, the effect is striking.


Gray is another popular neutral

Gray is another popular neutral this year that also looks fresh and stylish. Open shelving is convenient and adds interest.

Is White a Color?

Technically no, but it’s actually quite colorful since it contains a rainbow of light frequencies—but, that’s enough reflection on physics! Psychologically, white is synonymous with a bright and clean kitchen. In a recent annual survey conducted by the National Kitchen & Bath Association, a white kitchen color scheme was by far the most popular. White offers practical advantages. White kitchen cabinets are available in many designs and shades (from cool to warm white) that adapt to any style and color scheme. White provides a sleek, blank canvas to highlight a special decor piece or design element. Gray is another top neutral color for 2016. Gray varies from cool to warm shades. Cool grays look more bluish, and warm grays look more taupish (is that a word?!) Other colors that are muted (toned-down) also work well as refined neutral shades for kitchens.

Horizontal Orientation

Squares and vertical rectangles are still the preferred designs for kitchen cabinets, but there is a rise in the European look of horizontal cabinetry. Horizontal cabinets have doors that conveniently flip up and out of the way. When a vertical cabinet is opened, the door opens toward you (and tries to knock you in the head!) Horizontal cabinets not only makes access much easier but also give your kitchen a cleaner, more refined look. Although they’re often associated with contemporary or modern styling, horizontal cabinetry is available in a range of styles including traditional.

Natural wood and horizontal cabinetry.

On trend in 2016: Natural wood and horizontal cabinetry.


Sleek horizontal cabinets

These horizontal white shaker cabinets look sleek and modern.

Stretch Storage Space

The trend is to maximize space by adding storage where dead space used to exist. (Who wants something called “dead space” taking up residence anyway?!) Those areas can be utilized by using open shelves and floating shelves. Open shelving continues to be a popular trend with a European influence. Open shelving serves as an eye-catching way to display colorful Fiestaware or other favorite items. It’s also handy for grabbing a coffee mug or other frequently used dishes.

"toe kick" cabinets

No dead space here! These “toe kick” cabinets are perfect for baking pans.


Storage maximize space

Custom storage cabinets maximize kitchen space and efficiency.


Floating shelves

Floating shelves are easily adaptable to any space.

Tucked away in corner cabinets, you’ll find that the Lazy Susan, a mid-century staple, is back in style. It’s good to be lazy and let Susan whirl around to offer easy access to stored items.

Pull-out drawers with designated spaces for anything from pans to dishes to appliances make life much easier than searching around through stacks of kitchen items while leaning over and almost standing on your head! Many homeowners prefer pull-out drawers over traditional cabinets with pull-out shelves.

Be Practical

When updating a kitchen, it’s easy to become entranced with beautiful finishes and cool features, but remember that every aspect of your kitchen should blend function and design. Kitchen cabinets should not only look beautiful but also accommodate your specific needs for better storage, organization, and access.

You likely had family and friends congregating in your kitchen during the past month. Think about those experiences and jot down ideas that will make time spent in your kitchen more efficient and enjoyable. Is storage a need or perhaps easier access to your supplies? Are your cabinets configured for optimal functionality? An excellent resource for viewing cabinet styles and innovations is houzz.com. The site also has photos of every type of room and home renovation —possibly every photo ever taken!

What cabinet configuration works best for you?

What cabinet configuration works best for you?

If you’d like help navigating through kitchen cabinet choices or other kitchen updates, you’ll find helpful information on our site under Remodeling Resources. In addition, Popham offers free design assistance from our Certified Kitchen Designer when planning your kitchen remodel.

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