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2017 Trend: Opposites attract to create “Rustic Elegance”

Rustic Elegance? It may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s an innovative style that contrasts elements of history, modern technology, nature, and texture in a comfortable, yet refined setting.  Consequently, Rustic Elegance challenges us to rethink all we’ve learned about “what goes together” in home and office interiors. And rethinking is good for brain plasticity!
mahogany wood and cast aluminum

Industrial designer Uriel Schwartz recently unveiled “Undercut,” a set of handmade furniture created from mahogany wood and cast aluminum.

Earthy Metals

Gold, brass, bronze, and other metals have been dominating home and office design, and are still going strong. For 2017, they’re used in new ways, most notably paired with materials that are rougher and more rustic. Think copper with concrete, aluminum set with wood, lacquer with slate and brass with quartz. Perhaps you’ve already incorporated wood and leather in your home or office —for 2017, add an element of warm, rusted metal. Contrast the rustic look with a sleek lacquered wall. Shiny brass, white marble, and one of nature’s gorgeous shades of green are a popular combination in kitchens and bathrooms.
Contrasting styles create warmth.

Dainty filigree lighting contrasts with the brick range hood and ladder. Cabinets painted in muted green bring out the warmth and richness of the brick and wood.

Vibrant Nature

Color experts Pantone named Greenery as their Color of the Year, and other hues of green from lime to emerald to forest are also are “envied” this year. The twist is that earthy colors like green, gold, violet and others are more vibrant this year. Don’t fret if bold colors aren’t your thing, earthy muted shades continue to rule and are a safe bet to meld a look of rustic elegance. Gray, white, and black are versatile and here to stay.
Cérused or Limed Wood

Cérused or Limed Wood cabinets highlight wood grain in a refined style.

Ingrained to Wood

Cérused or Limed Wood refers to a surfacing technique that highlights the unique grain designs of wood. The craft originated centuries ago in France and was revitalized during the Art Deco period. Considered a high-end treatment in the past, the new modern adaptation of cérused wood is available in more styles and price points. The effect exudes rustic elegance.
simple lines create a contemporary look

Instead of traditional tufted or quilted upholstery, simple lines create a contemporary look.

Complimentary Angle

Geometric designs are realigning! Lines and angles are replacing complex, three-dimensional patterns. Instead of designs inspired by ancient cultures, basic geometric shapes are used. Simple shapes combined with traditional or more elaborate styles of furnishings result in a streamlined, modern interpretation.
"Right Angles" coffee table

“Right Angles” coffee table by Jason Phillips

Light Naturally

Scientific studies indicate that natural light boosts energy, expedites healing, and improves overall personal health. It’s no wonder that maximizing natural light in homes and offices is a trend with no end! Open floor plans, skylights, and sun tunnels are a few ways to implement natural light. Of course, we still need additional light sources, so it’s no surprise that fixtures available this year reflect the trend of rustic elegance. From nature-inspired to geometric shapes to rustic metals, light fixtures abound!
Popham is a certified installer of Velux®

Popham Construction is a certified installer of Energy-efficient Velux® brand Skylights and Sun Tunnels for residential and commercial use.

Architectural Integrity

Although rustic elegance combines and contrasts elements in unconventional ways, it’s a style embraced by historic preservationists. Home and business owners can easily modernize an older structure while preserving its heritage, character, and unique architecture. Old and new happily coexist in a creative atmosphere!
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