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A Door to Adore: One with Strength and Personality

Your home’s exterior is a mirror of you (in my case, dirty windows prevent reflection!) What does it say about you? “In need of a makeover.” That’s what my home said (behind closed doors). Front doors are a significant part of a first impression. One of the easiest ways to upgrade the look of your home’s exterior is to replace the front door. It’s also the project with the best return on your investment according to “Remodeling” magazine’s 2015 “Cost vs. Value Report.”

wood door with sidelights

Custom crafted wood door with sidelights

Strong Materials

Wood, Fiberglass, and Steel are the most common materials used for front doors. Doors should be solid to be strong and secure. Wood should be naturally solid or made solid using engineered wood with a thick wood veneer. Fiberglass and steel doors are considered to be solid when filled with thermal insulation, which gives them a higher insulation value. As far as energy efficiency, keep in mind that air leaks occur around the door, not through the door itself. Doors that are Energy Star-qualified may have tighter frames (rails and stiles), adjustable thresholds, and insulated glass. Although energy efficiency is important, doors are a small part of your home’s total surface area. Paying high prices for excessive weatherproofing add-ons may not have as much value as you’d think.

  • Wood: The natural beauty and strength of a solid hardwood door is highly desirable for the entrance to a home. Solid hardwood is the priciest option, but it can be custom crafted to any size or shape and designed with carving or other ornamentation. Solid softwood is less costly than hardwood and solid engineered wood with a thick veneer is less expensive than softwood.
  • Fiberglass: Many homeowners prefer entry doors made of fiberglass because they’re less expensive than real wood. Fiberglass doors offer the option of embossed wood-grain textures in wood-stain shades or in painted colors. Paint or wood stain lasts longer on fiberglass. Fiberglass can crack from weather-related pressure.
  • Steel: Doors constructed of steel are typically the least expensive option. They are available in many colors, but not textures. Steel doors may dent or rust. Steel feels cold when it’s cold outside and can be hot to touch when the sun beats down.


It’s beneficial to protect a wood front door from direct sun and rain by having a covered entryway. In the past, moisture and other climate issues affected the durability of wood doors. New technology has alleviated many weather-related problems like pressure from expansion and contraction. In general, wood doors need a new coat of polyurethane every two years.

Regardless of the material, all types of doors should be inspected annually. Look for signs of damage including moisture, dryness, cracking, and fading. Small repairs will prevent further damage to your door and its frame.

A trendy color can work well with a classic style.

A trendy color enhances this classic style.


The design of a front entry door should complement the architectural style of your home. In addition, it should convey your personality. There’s no need to settle for cookie-cutter conformity when every style imaginable is available. From traditional to contemporary, with or without windows, single and double doors—options are endless. It can be overwhelming, but be strong—just like a door! Research online, but shop locally where you can actually see and touch products. Bring along measurements of your existing door.

Unexpected colors make a unique statement.

Unexpected colors make a statement.

The color of wood stain or paint should also integrate with the style of your home’s exterior. If you love the idea of a pop of color punctuating your home, pre-painted doors are available in an array of colors. Better yet, select a custom paint color and have your new door professionally painted. Personalize your home with a unique color that you love.

Selecting a strong door in a style and color that you adore brings satisfaction each time you enter and exit your home. Open your door to new possibilities. A new front door can dramatically change the atmosphere and beauty of your entryway, which can be a unique reflection of you.

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