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“All Hands On Deck” — Not Possible in a 1950s Kitchen!

“’Close quarters’” describes my former kitchen,” says Marion, a Coast Guard Veteran. Marion always wanted to renovate the kitchen in the home that she and her husband, Warren, purchased from his family in 1978. Warren’s family had moved to the newly built home in 1952 when he was a teen. Located on Evansville’s far eastside, Warren and his three brothers treasured the years spent at their home. Therefore, he preferred his family home the way he remembered it, and Marion admired Warren’s sentimental side.

Warren, who passed away just two years ago, was a retired United States Coast Guard Senior Chief. Marion is originally from Connecticut where Warren was stationed at the US Coast Guard Academy. The two initially met on a blind date and later married. Like other military service branches, the Coast Guard periodically relocated the couple to stations in other cities. While stationed in Fresno, California, Warren recruited Marion to serve in the Coast Guard. As a Storekeeper, Marion’s responsibilities included payroll and ordering supplies for the unit. Marion says, “It was invaluable training for keeping my household organized and in shipshape!”

Warren retired from the Coast Guard after serving for 20 years. He had always envisioned moving back to the family home in Evansville and working for the family business. Marion had always enjoyed Warren’s family and the city during their visits throughout their years in the service. She looked forward to a sense of permanency following years of military reassignments, especially because of four precious children and their love of the family home.

Hometown living brought frequent get-togethers of relatives and friends, which the family relished. However, Marion often felt isolated while working in the small kitchen where there wasn’t space for seating. While she prepared meals, the rest of the family were often two rooms away in the living room. It was especially frustrating feeling cut off from the fun during holidays or special events. In addition, the narrow doorway between the kitchen and dining room made carrying food and dishes back and forth a difficult task. Nautically speaking: Impassable! Another annoyance was useless counter space behind the kitchen sink. Marion was fond of the corner windows over the sink, but the expansive counter space between the sink and the windows was difficult to access. Over the years, they updated some features of the kitchen, but the issues with space and flow remained.

Although the children are now grown and have children of their own, Marion still enjoys cooking, hosting family gatherings, and small dinner parties with friends. As a result, Marion decided on a special gift for herself that would be ready by Christmas 2014: a complete kitchen renovation!

Marion contacted Popham because of her positive experiences when hiring them for various jobs in the past. “For my kitchen remodel, Gary Mueller was the project coordinator. We discussed improvements to make my kitchen more functional.” New plans included creating a large pass-through from the kitchen to dining area. The decision was also made to move the sink back toward the corner windows, which gave access to that area as well as creating more floor space. After the layout was finalized, Marion went shopping!

Marion selected new cabinetry, cabinet lighting, hardware, and countertops. She chose Woodmont Savannah Arched Maple cabinets with contrasting satin nickel hardware. Under-cabinet LEDs provide task lighting and add style. Formica’s Elemental Corten Matte countertops with beveled edges complement the overall warm, inviting feel of the kitchen.

The corner windows highlight the beautiful large, double bowl sink by Kohler. A classic white porcelain sink never goes out of style and easily integrates into every style. It’s paired with a handy pull-down faucet in stainless steel. Nearby, a clever countertop button activates the garbage disposal! Marion particularly loves the increased space and functionality of the corner window area.

New oak hardwood floors replaced her old Pergo, which had replaced green carpet, which had replaced the kitchen’s original green and black linoleum tiles! The new hardwood floors blend with existing hardwood floors in the dining and living areas. The walls of the kitchen and adjacent rooms are painted the same warm, neutral shade. Both aspects create an open, spacious atmosphere from the former 1950s compartmentalized feel.

In addition, the large pass-through between the kitchen and dining room allows more natural light into the kitchen. It also adds architectural interest to what was formally a large blank wall. Marion explains, “The pass-through has many benefits from ease of serving and communicating to adding additional seating with a few counter height stools.”

Marion is thrilled with her renovation. “The workers were wonderful,” Marion says. “They always took the time to listen because they sincerely wanted me to be pleased with every detail. “My new kitchen is just what I wanted. I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Her grandson agrees with Marion. She explains, “He says that he wants to buy the family home some day. I think he inherited Warren’s sentimentality, and it’s pleasing to know that our house will remain in the family.”

Moved sink toward windows.

Moving the sink toward the corner windows opened up floor space.






Button activates disposal

A small countertop button on the left activates the disposal.




Pass-through adds natural light

Another benefit of the new pass-through is the addition of natural light.









A pass-through was cut out of the wall.

A pass-through was cut out of the wall between the kitchen and dining/living area.



Dog loves kitchen

What dog doesn’t love a kitchen? When Marion saw the ad: “Free to a Good Home,” she knew that her home was the best one for Ty. And look at his uniquely spotted front legs!













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