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Brighten Your View with New Windows for Your Home

It’s cold outside, but at least the sun is shining! Imagine how new windows could add warmth, natural light, and beauty to your home. Windows connect you to the outdoors while providing a thermal barrier. You can enjoy watching colorful birds at the feeder that’s surrounded by sparkling snow. In a matter of weeks (that sounds more hopeful than months!), you can watch spring unfold.

Windows can transform a room into a cheery, inviting space if they’re placed in a pleasing position in the room and if the direction of natural light is considered.  In addition, think about outdoor scenes that your window can frame. Large picture windows provide maximum viewing space while adding ambiance to your home. Besides window placement, other considerations include sizes, selecting styles that blend with the overall style of your house, and energy efficiency.

Even if you don’t have a spectacular view to capture in a picture window, other styles of windows can be used to solve design dilemmas. Windows can visually anchor a space, give the illusion of adding space and infuse dark areas of a room with natural light. Many studies have shown that natural light has many benefits such as improving mood, alertness, and good health.

Advances in technology have increased energy-efficiency of many windows. Energy-efficient windows have specific frames, glass, and sometimes use non-toxic gas as insulation. Some energy-efficient windows are better for keeping your home warm while others are better for keeping your home cool.

Whether you’re considering new windows or adding them as a part of your room remodeling plans, there are many factors to research. Popham offers helpful tips for selecting windows in our Remodeling Resources If you’re interested in a free consultation to discuss windows or other remodeling needs, please Click Here

Windows are an important and noticeable feature of your home. Imagine how new windows can change your view and brighten your outlook!

Multiple windows add light

Multiple windows infuse areas with warmth and natural daylighting.

This window and door combination adds natural light and a dramatic design element to the room.

This window and door combination adds natural light and a dramatic design element to the room.

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