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How much should you budget for remodeling?

You probably have a list of remodeling projects in mind, but how much will they cost? Many people have no idea what various remodeling jobs cost until they meet with a contractor. Before you call a contractor for a precise estimate, it’s helpful to have a general idea of average prices of remodeling jobs. You can save yourself planning time by knowing from the beginning if your project is feasible. How can you find out remodeling price ranges in our area? A 2015 Cost Vs. Value report has been released by “Remodeling” magazine. It lists 36 common remodeling projects and compares the cost of each project with realtors’ assessments of how much the project adds to a home’s value. Additionally, […]

Renovating a Master Bath out of the 80s

When Donna and her husband, Bill, moved into their Newburgh home, they had a master plan—for the master bathroom. It was stuck in the 80s and in desperate need of a bathroom renovation. Big 80s hair apparently required a Big Time 80s bathtub! An extra large corner tub “totally” dominated the room. Its size and positioning made the tub difficult to clean, so it was seldom used. Nearby stood a separate shower that was handier to use, but was tiny in comparison to the monster tub. Space was tight and didn’t allow for a linen closet. Tiny shower—no towels handy—Get Real! It was time to exit the 80s. Donna and Bill called Popham and worked with John Diekhoff to plan […]

A Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

Even though your bathroom is often the smallest room in your home, it’s also the most used and most essential. If you’ve been living with a bathroom that’s outdated, has broken or missing elements, or needs to be enlarged, you may be considering remodeling the space to make it more pleasant and functional. As with any home improvement project, there are a number of considerations before you begin, and a specific order in which the work must take place. Where to begin? Budget Most bathroom remodels begin with a budget. In talking with your contractor about your project, you’ll be able to determine if your budgeted amount will accommodate everything on your wish list or if you’ll need to adjust […]

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