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On the Exterior — Withstanding Winter Weather Woes

raccoons in attic

Are these the guests you’re expecting for Thanksgiving? To avoid unwanted visitors and other woes this winter, inspect the exterior of your home or business. Our warm weather is an opportune time to take care of potential exterior problems. You’ll have another reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving if exterior repairs are completed before winter arrives. Critter Litter To keep wildlife out of your warm home or business, cover vents and other large openings with heavy duty hardware cloth, which isn’t cloth— it’s strong wire screening. The Humane Society recommends 16 gauge 1 x 1 inch hardware cloth for raccoons. For squirrels, solid aluminum flashing is the exclusion material of choice. Caulk it up to Experience One of the least expensive and […]

J’s Sportsbar Celebrates Grand Opening!

If you love sports, enjoy imports and craft beer, and crave homemade classic bar food, J’s Sportsbar & Grill is your new favorite destination! All types of sports fans ages 21 and over will enjoy games broadcast from J’s 24 high definition 55” televisions for wall-to-wall viewing. Extra points go to owner John Higgins for scoring NFL Sunday Ticket coverage! J’s Sportsbar & Grill “soft opening” began on September 4th, which has given J’s team of employees experience to perfect their routines. The official Grand Opening Celebration begins Friday, September 25th. The festivities kick off with 103GBF’s live radio broadcast from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. Prize drawings will be held throughout the weekend (no purchase necessary). The celebration will continue through NFL Sunday […]

Safety is No Accident!

grab bar styles blend with decor.

Did you know that each year almost a quarter of a million people seek medical help for injuries that occur in the bathroom? Bathtub and shower areas account for more than two-thirds of injuries needing medical attention. It’s no wonder considering that water contributes to falls, scalding, electrical shock and drowning. In addition, slippery toiletries, electrical appliances, and hard surfaces are within a small area. Homeowners want their bathrooms to be safe for family members of all ages. It used to be thought that safety features like grab bars, platform tubs, shower benches, and comfort height toilets were expensive products only for seniors or people with disabilities. That perception has changed with the times. The security, ease of use, and […]

Eye-Mart: Remaining Open During a Full-Scale Remodel

Eye Mart Popham front Desk After

Of the many challenges in commercial construction, perhaps the most daunting is conducting a full remodel while the business remains open. The west-side location of Eye-Mart, on Pearl Drive, recently underwent a major updating that amounted to a complete remodel while still being fully operational each business day. Just how complete was the remodel? Remodeling work included a complete change-out of all display cabinetry, desks, and other furniture, a large new bulkhead over the new front desk, new lighting throughout, new paint on all the walls, new carpet installed throughout, and new tile at the front entrance. Throughout the entire process, customers of Eye-Mart were not subjected to the mess and disturbance of construction activity. How was a remodel of […]

TJ’s Roaster – Expanding Production Space for a Specialty Roasting Company

If you’re a coffee drinker, you know a great cup of coffee when you taste it. Most of us don’t give a lot of thought to where our morning cup of java comes from, just so long as it delivers a jolt to get us moving. But great-tasting coffee is an art, and there are many variables that affect the taste. Everything – from the climate it’s grown in, to the method used to roast it, to the water used to brew it – affects the flavor. Small-batch artisanal coffee is a genuine treat, and you don’t have to live in a big city to experience it. Located on Evansville’s far West Side, TJ’s Roaster allows coffee aficionados to experience […]

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