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Drying a Wet Basement

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Popham Construction was established in 1978 as a waterproofing company and continues to provide expert water control solutions.

As winter gives way to spring, many home and business owners will find a new issue confronting them – a wet basement. Wet basements have many different causes, including the freeze/thaw cycle, encroaching tree and shrub roots, oversaturation of soil due to ice and snow melt, improper drainage, and heavy rains.

A wet basement devalues a structure, reduces the amount of available living and storage space, and ruins possessions, as well as introduces  health hazards such as mold and mildew. Many property owners adopt a “wait-and-see” stance for their wet basements, enduring damaging moisture until summer arrives and with it drier weather. But waiting out drier days does nothing in the way of fixing the problem, and wet autumn days will often elicit a return of moisture into the structure.

Stopping the cycle of incoming moisture in a basement requires far more than a “wait-and-see” attitude. Drying a wet basement is possible, and with the help of a certified contractor, your basement can be restored to a dry, clean, and usable area , you can enjoy a drier, healthier home or business.


What causes a wet basement?

Basement Waterproofing Examples Popham Construction Evansville

Basements in the Tri-State area are constructed largely of concrete block, the hollow interior of which serves as a conduit for water seeping in from outside. This water forces its way into the structure through the seam where the walls meet the floor, known as the cove. Other areas that allow water into the structure include cracks in the walls and loose masonry joints, where the mortar between blocks has failed due to contracting and swelling soil around the foundation. Drainage issues caused by inadequate drain systems, as well as clogged gutters, allow water to seep in and pool at the foundation.


How is a wet basement repaired?

Popham Construction installs two types of water collection systems, both designed to divert water from the foundation into a submersible sump pump. These systems are installed beneath the basement floor at the perimeter of the space.

Popham’s certified water control specialists inspect the structure for causes for water seepage, and recommend a plan to mitigate the issue. To install the system, Popham removes a small section of the floor in impacted areas and installs either a rock-and-tile or Hydraway drainage system, which collects the water as it seeps in and diverts it to a submersible sump pump system, which pumps the water away from the structure. Once the system is installed, the sections of floor that were removed are replaced with concrete poured to the same thickness as before.

In some cases, additional protection is needed, in the form of moisture barrier wall panels. These panels serve as a permanent solution to water seeping through basement walls by covering and sealing interior foundation walls, diverting any water seepage into the drainage system.


A dry basement for better property values and good health!

Water can be damaging to a structure in many ways. Seepage into a basement area can cause a foundation to fail, as well as promote an unhealthful environment due to mold, mildew, and pest infiltration. Additionally, the damage caused by this water seepage can severely devalue a structure. Addressing a wet basement is an investment in your property that improves its value as well as provides for a more useable structure.

Click here for more information on the Hydraway Waterproofing System used by Popham. To read more about Popham’s approach to drying a wet basement, click here.


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