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Renovating a Master Bath out of the 80s

When Donna and her husband, Bill, moved into their Newburgh home, they had a master plan—for the master bathroom. It was stuck in the 80s and in desperate need of a bathroom renovation.

Big 80s hair apparently required a Big Time 80s bathtub! An extra large corner tub “totally” dominated the room. Its size and positioning made the tub difficult to clean, so it was seldom used. Nearby stood a separate shower that was handier to use, but was tiny in comparison to the monster tub. Space was tight and didn’t allow for a linen closet. Tiny shower—no towels handy—Get Real! It was time to exit the 80s. Donna and Bill called Popham and worked with John Diekhoff to plan an updated bathroom that suited their needs.

Flow and functionality are important aspects of any room remodel. John examined the structure and arrangement of the room. A partition existed between the vanity and toilet area, which nicely sectioned both areas. Donna explains, “John made the suggestion to build a second partition next to the large area designated for our new shower. It was a great idea because the partition not only helps support the bench in the shower, but also conveniently holds a towel bar. In addition, it creates privacy while still giving us the glass shower look that we wanted.“

New partition defines bathroom areas

A new partition helps defines bathroom areas.

Master bath existing partition

An existing partition defines the vanity area.

mosaic tile art is focal point

Custom designed mosaic tile art is the focal point of the master bathroom.

Looking through the glass, you’ll see a beautifully tiled shower including a custom mosaic art design, which serves as a focal point in the serene setting. “The shower bench is a wonderful place to relax,” said Donna. “ The hand held shower feature can extend all the way to the bench.”

On the opposite side of the bathroom sits a new deep brown vanity with double sinks and mirrors. Wisely, Donna made use of the wall space in-between the mirrors by finding a tall, narrow cabinet that blends with the vanity. The cabinet shelves are 4” deep, which is a practical size for storing toiletries used daily. An outlet used to charge electric toothbrushes is tucked conveniently inside the cabinet where toothbrushes are stored. Donna’s vertical storage idea is a solution for clutter-free countertops.

But what about the lack of a linen closet in the bathroom? “Storage is an important feature when remodeling any room,” notes John. “It’s one of the first things that customers mention when plans are made.”

Making use of existing space, the original shower stall was converted into a linen closet. Oddly enough, there was a clothes closet in the bathroom, but it didn’t function well for storage. “It was a walk-in closet or more like a squeeze-in closet. It was long, narrow, and only three feet deep. A rod extended nearly the length of the space and wall shelving was placed on the back of the closet. Squeezing through to the back of the closet to find a towel wasn’t feasible. John figured out how to reconfigure the closet to maximize space and accessibility. Both closets have crisp white paneled doors with dark brown polished hardware that adds elegance to the room.

Warm browns, taupe, light gray and white create a cozy, clean color palette. The tranquil selection of colors evolved from selecting new furnishings. “Bill and I wanted dark cabinetry, but a lighter shade of granite for the countertop,” Donna explains. “We also wanted tile flooring and a tiled shower. The colors complemented each other so nicely, so we had our bedroom painted. Now the master bath and bedroom spaces flow together. We love the calm, cozy feeling of entering our newly renovated master suite.”

Popham’s Remodeling Resources contains helpful tips about selecting everything from cabinets to faucets. Click here if you would like to talk to us about bringing your bathroom into the 21st century, or if you have any other home remodeling needs that you would like to discuss.

Vanity double sinks and mirrors with storage in-between.

The large vanity allows space for double sinks and mirrors with storage in-between.

Narrow bathroom storage cabinet

A tall, narrow storage cabinet containing a handy outlet keeps clutter off of the bathroom countertops.

Narrow bathroom storage cabinet

A tall, narrow storage cabinet containing a handy outlet keeps clutter off of the bathroom countertops.

Master Bathroom Linen Closets

Both of the Master Bathroom’s linen closets have pristine white paneled doors and dark polished hardware.

Master Bedroom color palette

For a cohesive feel, the Master Bedroom shares the same color palette as the Master Bath.

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    • Hi Kathy!

      All of the cabinetry for this project came from Lensing Home Consultants Center in Evansville, IN. Please let us know if you would like to have one of our estimators meet you at Lensing (or anywhere else) to help you pick out the perfect items for your project.

  1. The tall narrow cabinet is exactly what I want for my bathroom and I can’t find one anywhere! I found your pictures online through a google search and I live in Ohio, any advice on where I can find one? Or can I order from you online?

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