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There are many lighting choices available today. Our list features information to help you make an educated decision. We’ve included a few brand websites for you to explore. Popham does not endorse these resources, but only supplies them as a convenient source of information. Popham also encourages you to visit local businesses such as Illuminating Expressions and Ferguson Enterprises to learn more, view examples in person, and consult with a professional lighting designer.

PLAN AHEAD – Lighting is a crucial part of your remodeling plan. Before making purchases, it’s essential to have the right electrical infrastructure to support what you’re doing. Whether that means having enough outlets or installing new fixtures, our electricians can advise you and help improve the functionality of your electrical system.

Our professional electric contractors can assist with:

  • wiring and repairs
  • electrical panel upgrades
  • light switch installation (including dimmers)
  • indoor and outdoor outlet installation
  • light fixture installation
  • landscape lighting
  • ceiling fan installation
  • security lighting

BULB TYPES – Remember that you can now buy different kinds of light bulbs, including compact fluorescent (CFL), LED, Xenon, Halogen, and more. Within these types, you can also get variations such as daylight or soft light.


  • BACKGROUND OR AMBIENT LIGHTING – You should have enough light to make a room comfortable. The minimum background light needed allows you to see things in a room so you don’t walk into them! It’s the soft light you need when you sit chatting with friends or enough light to comfortably watch TV. Dimmer switches are ideal for controlling background home lighting. You can then have as much or as little as required. Note that some dimmers cannot be used with some types of bulbs, so ask before purchasing.
  • TASK LIGHTING – Task lighting provides light in a specific place, such as at a work desk or reading chair. Task lights can sometimes serve a dual function of providing both background and task lighting. An example is a standard lamp behind a chair to give enough light for reading but also provides background light.
  • DECORATIVE LIGHTING – This type of lighting is used to illuminate photographs, art, or a specific object. It is often not even considered, but adds a touch of warmth and character to any room.

NATURAL LIGHT – Letting natural light into your home through a skylight can make it more comfortable to see or read in your home during the day. Enjoying a bright daylight also improves the mood by releasing endorphins that bring a sense of emotional wellness. The body’s absorption of natural light processes nutrients. A round sun tunnel is an inexpensive way to allow natural light into your home. Popham prefers energy-efficient Velux® brand skylights and sun tunnels, which are considered to be the industry’s best. They block harmful UV light that could fade carpets or fabric, but let in the natural light to enhance your living space.

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