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The foundation is a critical component of a home or business structure because the foundation stabilizes the structure. A strong foundation is the key to maintaining the value of your home or business. There a several factors that can cause a foundation to fail. Excessive rain combined with drought conditions can cause the soil beneath the foundation to expand and contract, which can cause shifting, settling, and cracking. Once it cracks, it continues to move with changes in the seasons. Other conditions like intrusive tree roots, soil type, building materials, and age of the structure can affect the foundation. A settling foundation can damage and collapse beams, joints, and the roof. Possible issues with a foundation should be inspected by Popham’s Certified Foundation Stabilization specialist who can determine the best solution for the specific issues with your foundation.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Cracked or bowed basement foundation walls
Cracked or bowed interior walls or ceilings
Cracks in exterior of home or business
Buckled walls and uneven floors
Doors and windows that don’t open properly

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