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Transterior Rejuvination: Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Have you ever screamed, “I need some peace and quiet!”? It’s not surprising—most of us deal with traffic, people, and endless noise. We seldom take breaks from life’s daily newsfeed from smartphones, television, and billboards. We have less time to reflect on anything because of constant demands needing attention. Studies indicate that the mass of incoming information erodes productivity, creativity, and the ability to focus. Our minds are tired! The brain is just like any other biological tissue; it can be overused and can suffer from fatigue. What can we do to cope with the effects of daily visual and auditory assaults on our well-being? Humans as well as other animals modify their environment to adapt to changing needs. As a result, the “Transterior Rejuvenation” trend is emerging from the need to recharge our brains. But what is a “transterior”?

Somewhere between where the hardwood ends and cement edging begins lies the transterior. It’s a space where the threshold between the interior and exterior melts away and creates a new space, one that connects with nature. The transterior trend rises as more people feel a need to spend time outside of their patio doors, but surrounded by the comfort of their indoor lifestyle. It’s a sanctuary in your backyard to rejuvenate your mind. It’s a fact that spending time in “green spaces” is good for your stress levels, happiness, and health. Nature is restorative in its ability to catch your attention in a passive manner and allow your energy supply to recover.

Furnishings complement foliage.

The fireplace, whimsical chandelier, and earth colored furnishings complement the natural foliage.

Glass and Screen Panels

Panels can be changed from glass to screens during warm months.

A transterior space is also practical. It extends the square footage of living space of a home to create additional room for living, dining, or recreation—a simple space that can easily adapt to many uses. It just makes sense to maximize the use of your yard. According to the American Institute of Architects 2015 Home Design Trends Survey, outdoor living rooms are on the rise, with 62 percent of homeowners surveyed prioritizing outdoor rooms on their 2016 wish lists.

Add Portable Heaters

Portable outdoor heaters can be added during cool months.

When designing your transterior sanctuary, create a fluid and undefined separation between indoor and outdoor areas. Continuing the same type of flooring from the interior to the outside provides a seamless transition. Another way to connect the two areas is by incorporating some elements from your interior style into the outdoors, particularly across the interior/exterior threshold areas. Keeping the variety of colors and materials to a minimum creates a sense of calm. A beautifully shaped tree and a fireplace are natural focal points as opposed to a loud print on a large sofa.

What about walls for your new room? You won’t believe all the available styles and configurations! Major companies like Pella, Anderson, and NanaWall offer floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls and interchangeable screens, folding glass walls, sliding glass walls, roll-down glass panels, and frameless glass walls. Many glass walls and doors are designed to modify as seasons change so that you can enjoy your outdoor room year-round. And there are even retractable glass ceilings!

sliding glass doors

Expansive energy-efficent sliding glass doors offer the best of both worlds.

Fun Space

Wouldn’t this be fun?

Retractable Roof

A retractable roof adds versatility to an outdoor space.

Fire holds a deep primal fascination for many of us. It’s mesmerizing to gaze—long into the night—at a campfire or a crackling fire in a fireplace. A fire feature enriches the feeling of being in nature, and induces relaxation and reflection. A wood-burning or gas log fireplace allows year-long use of the room. During cooler months, add pillows, throws, and area rugs to create a cozy nest.


The fireplace increases the use of this beautiful addition.

Whether you’re enjoying a family dinner or sneaking away to read a  book, being outdoors enhances your experience. It’s magical to look up and notice wind gently flowing through a tree or gaze at stars in the sky. It reminds us that we are part of the natural world. An outdoor room for  transterior rejuvenation instills a sense of balance within us and creates a much needed sanctuary in our fast-paced world.

If you aren’t ready to invest in a room for year-round comfort, the options are endless for creating an outdoor living area. Pergolas, skylights, screens, fans, and fire pits are examples of components that can make an outdoor room usable for three seasons of a year.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are often used with industrial, rustic, French country, and farm house styles.

Pull-down Garage Door

A pull-down garage door is handy and adds a unique “industrial style” design feature.

However you choose to design your outdoor room, the idea of outdoor living is more than a trend—it’s an investment in a lifestyle that is here to stay.

If you would like to learn more about creating an outdoor living space or are interested in discussing another project, please Request a Free Consultation or call Popham at 812-479-5850.

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