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You won’t be stranded on this type of island since food is involved! Food brings people together, especially in everyone’s favorite room—the kitchen. It’s no wonder that open floor plan kitchen design is the norm. Open kitchens encourage gatherings of family and friends. While kitchens are known as the heart of the home, kitchen islands have become the hub of the home. Islands offer much more than extra counter space. Today’s islands are an essential part of the kitchen that often includes an area for casual dining, food preparation, and even cooking. So don’t plan on being alone—kitchen islands are always populated!

Important Planning Considerations:

Walk down the aisle

Use space wisely so you can move freely between the island and rest of the kitchen. Recommended aisle widths range from 36 to 48 inches depending on kitchen size.

Should people pull up a chair and sit a while?

If so, 24 inches between stools allows enough elbow room. Plan on a knee clearance of 18 inches for a 30-inch tall island, 15 inches for a 36-inch island and 12 inches for a 42-inch island. Some prefer a raised counter area for dining so that prep work and cooking doesn’t bother those seated.

Will it be used for food preparation?

A small sink is handy while preparing food, and cooking can also take place on an island. If you’re interested in an island with a stove or cooktop, make sure that your kitchen has the structural ability to install a ventilation system. Keep convenience in mind and include a pull out trash container. Depending on the island’s size, electric outlets may be required by Indiana Building Code. Think about what appliances you’ll use and discuss outlet locations with your contractor.

Island offers cooking, serving, and dining.

On the level—This island is ideal for cooking, serving, and dining.


Islands can double storage space.

Who doesn’t need more storage? Kitchen islands can double storage space.


Small mobile island

Even a small mobile island can add storage space and versatility.

Large mobile island

Be industrious! A large mobile island works well with an open floor plan. It can be easily moved to use for a variety of purposes from entertaining to working on projects.

Curved island enhances workflow.

Think outside of the box! A curved counter design enhances workflow and eases the transition into other parts of the room.

Purple island makes statement.

This purple island makes a statement by contrasting it with white cabinetry.

As you can see, kitchen islands are not only efficient components but also are home furnishings that convey your unique style. Popham’s craftsmen can custom build an island that incorporates your needs and complements your decor. We offer free design services from our Certified Kitchen Designer who can help you determine the best options. From built-ins to countertops to seating, we can create your custom island paradise.

If you’d like a free consultation to discuss custom kitchen islands or any other project, please Request a Free Consultation or call us today at (812) 479-5850.

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