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John Diekhoff

If you’re building or remodeling your home, chances are you’ve talked to a number of professionals in the building industry. Construction is a broad field with many different areas of expertise, and it’s crucial to talk with the right specialists for your project’s scope. A reputable construction contractor employs individuals with a broad range of abilities as well as those whose focus is on specific areas. Popham Construction’s sales team is comprised of experienced and trained specialists who receive continuing education to keep up with the latest trends and methods. They’ve worked together for years as an effective team that consults with each other to provide the best options for clients. If you’re not sure where to start on your […]

Popham Profile: Pete Popham

If not for wet basements, Popham Construction might never have come to pass. Born in Evansville and raised till the 8th  grade where he then moved to Sellersburg, Indiana, Pete began his professional career as a high school history teacher at Silver Creek Junior High in Sellersburg and also Henryville High School in Henryville, Indiana, just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. But Pete’s father, E.O. Popham, needed some help running his pest control and basement waterproofing business in Evansville, and in 1977 hired Pete to help manage the business. Because summers in the Tri-State can run toward hot and dry, basement waterproofing in the Tri-State can be a tough sell in the drier months. In 1978, Pete decided to take a chance […]

Popham Employee Spotlight: Bob Baumgart

If you’ve ever hired a builder, you know important it is to choose a contractor with the right kind of experience for your job. However, a successful construction business relies on more than the employees who wield the hammers. Popham Construction is fortunate to not only employ top-notch construction specialists, but a strong support staff as well. Bob Baumgart manages the day-to-day details in our office, and for the past eight years has been an integral part of the Popham team. Bob handles invoicing, payroll, and helps to resolve customer issues, as well as the many other things that help to keep our office running smoothly.

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