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Benefits of Natural Light

Energy-efficient windows, skylights, and sun tunnels are a popular addition to renovation projects. Natural light enhances and illuminates homes and workplaces without the cost of electric lighting. Using natural light in place of artificial light also reduces carbon emissions. Bright daylight also improves the mood by releasing endorphins that bring a sense of emotional wellness. In addition, the body’s absorption of natural sunlight processes nutrients and boosts the immune system.


Windows are a fundamental feature, both aesthetically and environmentally. New windows improve the appearance of your home or business and save energy costs. Old windows can leak air out while allowing moisture in, which can cause mold and mildew. Old windows may have dangerous cracks that can break and may contain toxic materials like lead paint. New energy-efficient windows save energy usage, which decreases emissions and helps the environment.

Egress Windows

International Residential Code (IRC) requires egress windows for basements, which provide a safe escape route during a fire or other emergency. Egress windows also allow natural sunlight to enter your dark basement.

Skylights and Sun Tunnels

Popham Construction is a Certified Installer of Energy-efficient Velux® brand Skylights and Sun Tunnels for residential and commercial use. While larger skylights allow more natural light to fill the room, smaller sun tunnels are an inexpensive way to add natural light in your home. Velux® brand skylights and sun tunnels block harmful UV light that can fade carpets or fabric while allowing natural light to enhance your living space.

We Can Help

Popham offers concise information sheets about various features to consider when making decisions about windows and lighting options. This practical information can be viewed or downloaded in pdf format on this site under Resources.

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