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Accessibility Renovations

Modifications Help Ease of Living

Accessibility renovations and modifications provide the security of knowing you are prepared to handle the unexpected.

The term Universal Design evolved from designing for people with disabilities and toward the idea of normalization and integration. The concept is also called lifetime design. The meaning is the same: if the design works well for every stage of human life, it works better for everyone. Furthermore, we can’t predict when a short term or long term disability will be a part of our lives. It is far better to ensure that our home is comfortable for years to come rather than be forced to move when circumstances change. That’s the value of security.

Integrating universal design features throughout your home also adds to its resale value. Baby boomers make up a third of our country’s population. As a result, there is a larger market for a house that is designed to accommodate aging home buyers, as well as those with special needs.

We Can Help With Accessibility Renovations

accessibility renovation

  • Handrails
  • Bathrooms
  • Grab Bars
  • Ramps
  • Stair-lifts
  • Porch-lifts
  • Custom Suites
  • Wider Doorways
  • Automatic Door Openers
  • Custom Built Modifications
  • ADA Requirements for Businesses

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Barrier free showers prevent falls.

Barrier free showers prevent falls.

grab bar styles blend with decor.

Today’s grab bar styles blend with decor.

Clever ideas for using grab bars.

Grab bars are often integrated into bathroom components.

Kohler's "Rising Wall" bathtub

Kohler’s “Rising Wall” bathtub is a versatile option.

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