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The Suite Life: “Generation Suites” on the Rise

Are you the meat in the Sandwich Generation? According to Pew Research Center, just over 1 of every 7 Americans aged 40 to 60 is both raising a child and caring for a parent. Is there a Boomerang in your home? Pew Research also reports that 30% of adults in their late 20s and early 30s are living with their parents. Student loans, rise in the average age of first marriage, eldercare costs, and other variables contribute to the trend of multigenerational families living together. It makes sense for family members to join forces instead paying separate mortgages, property taxes, utilities, and other upkeep costs for several residences. Not to mention the time and money spent traveling to and from […]

Rain, Rain —Go Away— We’ve reached our saturation point!

Is your home beginning to feel like a rainforest? Do you have a growing suspicion that something suspicious is growing? If you’ve noticed signs of mold growth or staining, peeling paint, buckling, and cracking of walls, ceilings, and floors, you need to take action. Water leaking in your home can cause: Structural damage Mold, mildew, and rot Window condensation Musty, stagnant air smell Trapped gasses and contaminants Allergies and respiratory problems Termites, roaches, and other pests Humidity added throughout the house Increased energy to heat damp air in winter How does excessive rain cause leaks? Saturated Surface Soil The soil can only absorb a certain amount of the above-average rainfall that we’ve been experiencing. Too much rain can saturate the […]

Mezzanines make the most of unused space

Soaring ceilings and tall, cathedral-sized windows—the room may look impressive, but ironically, it may have “shortcomings.” Rooms with tall two-story ceilings can feel vast and impersonal—and look like a waste of space. The current trend in home and commercial space is reconfiguring wasted space into living areas. A mezzanine, an intermediate floor created above an existing two-story room, is an ideal solution! A mezzanine makes a space look more inviting and also creates valuable additional floor space. Several of our clients have asked Popham to repurpose their two-story family rooms. Popham has also repurposed two-story grand entrances in commercial buildings. Two-story rooms were originally created for the “wow” factor. The voluminous space may look dramatic, but many have found more cons” than […]

Transterior Rejuvination: Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Have you ever screamed, “I need some peace and quiet!”? It’s not surprising—most of us deal with traffic, people, and endless noise. We seldom take breaks from life’s daily newsfeed from smartphones, television, and billboards. We have less time to reflect on anything because of constant demands needing attention. Studies indicate that the mass of incoming information erodes productivity, creativity, and the ability to focus. Our minds are tired! The brain is just like any other biological tissue; it can be overused and can suffer from fatigue. What can we do to cope with the effects of daily visual and auditory assaults on our well-being? Humans as well as other animals modify their environment to adapt to changing needs. As a result, the “Transterior Rejuvenation” trend is emerging from the need to recharge our brains. But […]

Add interest to your home or office with “versa-tile” TILE!

Aboriginal art

Have you noticed the connection between tile and fashion? Fabric designs replicated onto porcelain and ceramic tiles offer unique and creative options. Checks, pinstripes, ethnic embroidery, tapestry, and brocade create interesting textural effects. Aboriginal art is an ethnic trend in interior design, and Johnson Tiles collaborated with Aboriginal artists to reproduce their fabric designs onto tile.   Also on trend with the fashion industry is the use of style elements such as organic, rustic, geometric, and metallic and 3D.  Whether you prefer tile constructed of metal or porcelain tile made to look like metal, just about any material or finish is available. For that reason, the use of tile has surged in popularity!   Reclaimed wood is more popular than […]

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