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There are many choices of bathroom sinks available. Our list features pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. At the bottom of this page, we’ve included a few brand websites for you to explore. Popham does not endorse these resources, but only supplies them as a convenient source of information. Popham also encourages you to visit local business resources such as Ferguson Enterprises and Winnelson to view samples in person.

Sink Types:

TOP-MOUNT (Drop-in, Self-Rimming) — Pros: This type is mounted on top of the counter. Top-mounts work with any countertop material and are the simplest to install. Con: Grime and mold typically forms around the lip of the sink.

UNDER-MOUNT — Pros: Best for a sleek look and easy cleanup. Spills from counters can be wiped directly into the sink. Faucets are installed into the counter or mounted on a wall. Con: Some under-mount sinks can’t be used with laminate or tile countertops.

PEDESTAL — Pros: They can be modern or traditional in style. The pedestal style adds visual space to a small room. Cons: There isn’t much usable area around the basin of the sink, and they lack storage space that vanities offer.

VESSEL — A vessel sink is a basin that sits on top of a bathroom vanity/counter. They are available in many kinds of materials. Cons: Vessel sinks do not come with overflow relief drains, and they require specific faucet types.

A Note About FAUCETS — Make sure any faucet extends well into the sink to avoid drips onto the counter. Don’t choose a large faucet for a small sink, which can cause splashing. Please see our Kitchen & Bath Faucet category for more details.

Sink Materials:

ACRYLIC — Pros: Acrylic sinks are non-porous, meaning that liquids do not seep in, causing stains. Scratches can be sanded and buffed. Cons: These types of sinks should not be cleaned abrasively though as the finish will be damaged. They are also not heat resistant.

CERAMIC/PORCELAIN/VITREOUS CHINA — Pros of each: Ceramic is opaque and is more porous than porcelain. Porcelain is translucent and is superior in resisting staining. Vitreous china is durable high-gloss enamel-glazed ceramic. Cons: These sinks can stain and will chip if heavy objects are dropped onto its surface. They are also quite heavy.

CULTURED MARBLE — These lightweight, resin sinks and vanity tops are made of polymers mixed with marble dust. Pros: They are waterproof, durable, and resistant to chipping. Cons: They should not be cleaned abrasively as the finish will be damaged. They are also not heat resistant.

GLASS — Pros: Glass is durable. Drain cleaner, nail polish remover, and other tough staining agents typically won’t leave a mark. Cons: To avoid cracking, be sure to purchase tempered glass. Glass is prone to water and soap spotting, which requires more cleaning.

METALLIC — Pros: Brass and Copper metals make gorgeous bathroom sinks. They are non-porous and will not stain. Cons: Brass and Copper will oxidize with time and, therefore, change colors. These soft metals can easily scratch and dent.

SOLID SURFACE — Pros: These sinks can be paired with countertops made of the same material for a sleek, seamless look. Common types are cultured marble, Swanstone, and Corian. Cons: Though solid-surface sinks scratch easily, the damage can be sanded and buffed away.

STAINLESS STEEL — Pros: Manufacturers typically charge more for thicker, 18-gauge stainless sinks than for thinner, 23-gauge models. Regard- less of gauge, most models are resistant to dents, stains, scratches, heat, and noise from water flow. Cons: Prone to water and soap spotting. Needs polishing.

STONE — Pros: Engineered stone and quartz composite, marble, granite, travertine, and onyx are the ultimate in luxury bathroom sink materials. Cons: They are heavy and can chip.



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