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There are many hardware choices available today. This information is offered to help you make an informed decision. At the bottom of this page, we’ve included a few brand websites for you to explore. Popham does not endorse these resources, but only supplies them as a convenient source of information. Popham also encourages you to visit local businesses such as Lensing Home Consultants Center to learn more and to view examples in person. Many local stores offer invaluable design assistance.

You can transform the look of your cabinets and drawers by simply having new hardware installed. Or, if it’s time to invest in new cabinetry, selecting the hardware is an important part of your project.

Updating Existing Hardware

If you are simply updating hardware, you need to note the existing drilled holes to make sure you purchase the correct size of new hardware. If shopping in person, homeowners should take one of the existing knobs and/or pulls with them to help determine the correct size. If shopping online, you’ll need to have the measurements of existing hardware, including the spacing of the screws. Backplates are decorative pieces that are placed between the drawer or cabinet and the knobs or pulls. They work well to cover any holes left from previous hardware, protect the finish, and provide reinforcement.

KNOBS & PULLS — Cabinet and drawer knobs and pulls complement room decor. They’re made out of various materials like glass, ceramic, wood, or metals such as bronze, brass, stainless steel, nickel, or wrought iron. When selecting the material, consider what other types of finishes are currently in the room. You may already have stainless appliances and want to maintain a consistent look. You may also choose two finishes, but in the same style for continuity.

CABINET HINGES — There are two basic types of hinges available for cabinetry. Hidden hinges are not seen from the outside of the cabinets while exposed hinges are visible from the exterior. Hinges should coordinate with the style of your knobs and pulls.

Planning for New Hardware

Cabinet hardware ranges greatly in price, so make sure to determine a hardware budget. Some styles of knobs and drawer pulls are sold in sets that can save you money.

The first step in planning cabinet hardware is to count each cabinet and drawer in the room to determine exactly how much hardware is needed. If you desire a unified look, don’t forget to count the hardware from cabinets or drawers in an adjoining room such as a kitchen, family room area, bathroom, or a dressing room area.

The next step is to choose between knobs or pulls. Homeowners often choose a combination of both, putting knobs on the cabinets and using pulls on the drawers. There are so many hardware options to choose from, so be creative. Look online to view different styles of hardware pictured with various types of cabinets and room decor to see what appeals to your taste. Any style from modern to traditional to historical is available. You may consider buying several knobs or pulls and bringing them home to see how they look against the cabinets and drawers.

The final step before purchasing is to make a final list of the style, size, color, and/or finish of each knob, pull, hinge, and screw that you need. Additionally, note how many items are needed for each room you are renovating. When you receive your order, it will save time to have an individual check-off list for each room.

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