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There are many choices of countertops available today. Our list features the pros and cons of each to help you make an informed decision. Popham also encourages you to visit local businesses such as Lensing Home Consultants Center, to learn more and to view samples in person. Many local stores offer invaluable design assistance.


Pros: Best for busy kitchens and baths. It’s stain- and heat-resistant and low-maintenance. It doesn’t need sealing.
Cons: Sharp edges and corners can chip.


(Introduced in 2013, Dekton by Consentino is made from a combination of quartz, porcelain, and glass).
Pros: Good at resisting heat, stains, cuts, and abrasions.
Cons: It may chip or crack if a heavy pot is dropped.


Pros: Best for a classic stone look in low-traffic areas, such as a baking zone or a guest bathroom.
Cons: It’s more porous than granite, so it’s not as stain-resistant. It also scratches easily, isn’t very heat-resistant, and needs periodic sealing.


Pros: Best for a natural stone look without heavy veining or graining in a low-traffic kitchen or bathroom. It withstands heat very well.
Cons: It’s a very soft stone that is easily sliced, nicked, and scratched. It’s also porous, so it may stain even when it’s properly sealed.


Pros: Best for a natural stone look. It can withstand heavy use. It resists stains when it’s properly sealed, and it also resists heat and scratches.
Cons: It needs resealing to protect it from stains. Color and grain can differ from samples, so it’s best to choose at a local stone yard.


Pros: Beautiful stone for a low-traffic kitchen. Withstands heat and scratches can be repaired.
Cons: It needs periodic rubbing with mineral oil and can stain. Color and grain can differ from samples, so it’s best to choose at a local stone yard.

Solid Surfaces

(Composites man-made from resins and mineral fillers)
Pros: Best for seamless installations, especially in bathrooms. Many colors and styles are available, including those that mimic marble, concrete, stone, and quartz. It’s stain-resistant, and small nicks and scratches can be repaired.
Cons: It’s easily scratched. Stone finishes can look more uniform than natural.


Pros: Best for a wide variety of colors and patterns including trendy retro styles. Easy to update your decor at a budget-friendly price. It’s excellent at resisting stains and heat damage and is simple to install.
Cons: It’s easily scratched by kitchen knives and isn’t repairable. Most laminates have visible seams though post-formed (seamless) options are available.

Butcher Block

Pros: Best for cutting produce. Easy to install & repair.
Cons: It might need periodic sealing or refinishing to remove cuts, dings, and scratches. Its finish affects performance. Varnish improves stain resistance and penetrating oils decrease it.


Pros: Best for customizing. It can be dyed or textured.
Cons: Can develop cracks. Topical sealers, which resist stains but not heat, are best for bathrooms. Penetrating sealers resist heat but stain and must be reapplied.

Tile (Ceramic or Porcelain)

Pros: Best for use near stoves because it’s heat-resistant. It comes in many colors, patterns, and prices.
Cons: It can chip. The grout between tiles stains, even when it’s sealed, and can mildew.

Recycled Glass

Pros: Best for an eco-friendly kitchen. It is heat-resistant and durable. Appearance can be customized.
Cons: It can chip. Acid from food or cleaners can stain.

Stainless Steel

Pros: Best for a modern or industrial kitchen. It repels stains and heat and doesn’t rust or discolor.
Pros: Best for a modern or industrial kitchen. It repels stains and heat and doesn’t rust or discolor.
Cons: Shows fingerprints and also dents & scratches easily.


Pros: It’s an eco-friendly material that looks nice, but isn’t suited for daily use. It’s available in different styles and patterns.
Cons: It’s easily stained, scorched, sliced, and nicked. Moisture can warp it, and bamboo may darken over time.

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