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On the Exterior — Withstanding Winter Weather Woes

raccoons in attic

Are these the guests you’re expecting for Thanksgiving? To avoid unwanted visitors and other woes this winter, inspect the exterior of your home or business. Our warm weather is an opportune time to take care of potential exterior problems. You’ll have another reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving if exterior repairs are completed before winter arrives. Critter Litter To keep wildlife out of your warm home or business, cover vents and other large openings with heavy duty hardware cloth, which isn’t cloth— it’s strong wire screening. The Humane Society recommends 16 gauge 1 x 1 inch hardware cloth for raccoons. For squirrels, solid aluminum flashing is the exclusion material of choice. Caulk it up to Experience One of the least expensive and […]

Is the weather making your house feel unstable?

My house just told me (rudely) that it feels the way I look: Weatherbeaten! I have to admit that exposure to harsh weather has a cumulative effect on just about everything. From months of cold temperatures and snow to spring downpours, the ground has thawed and is saturated. Beginning this Sunday the rain should be over, so you’ll be able to assess how our weather conditions have affected your house.     Your home’s foundation is essential to maintain; it stabilizes your house. A settling foundation can damage and collapse beams, joints, and the roof. Excess rainwater can cause hydrostatic pressure, which forces water through cracks in the foundation and causes structural damage. Water that enters foundation walls also seeps […]

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